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Environmental Sustainability



  • The recycled mulch can be natural or customized using environmentally
    friendly dyes to meet our customer’s needs.



  • All State Landscape trucks are powered by converting Cooking Oil turned into Biodiesel
Type Process
Plant Material 100% Recycled; All plant material removed from customers properties is processed and composted at our own facility.
Tree Material / Used Shipping Pallets 100% Recycled; From our processing and recycling activites we generate high quality mulches and wood chips. We create and use approximately 5,000 cubic yards per year.
Used Motor Oil 100% Recycled; We recycle all of our used motor oil and use it to help heat our shop. We are able to reuse 1200 gallons of used motor oil that would have otherwise been discarded.
Bio-Fuel We are excited and proud of our Bio-Diesel program which is done entirely at our facility. We process used cafeteria grease / oil into an eco friendly, high quality Bio-Diesel fuel which is used to operate our trucks & equipment.
Grass Clippings 100% Recycled; Where appropriate, grass clippings are left on site to return nutrients to the soil. Any excessive clippings are used for compost.
Leaves 100% Recycled; All leaves collected during Spring / Fall cleanup activites are used for compost.
Metal / Aluminum 100% Recycled; Our repair facility collects and sells scrap metal for reuse.
Office Paper 100% Recycled; Our office staff collects shredded business paper and reuses it for animal bedding.
Lighting In our repair shop we replaced our Mercury Vapor Lighting with Florescent Lighting to achieve increased efficiency of 95 lumens per watt v.s. the LPW of the older bulbs. In addition, we added motion sensors and timers which allow us to provide light to the areas of the shop being used instead of unnecessarily lighting the entire shop.