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Safety Policies & Training Procedures

We have a written safety program (All State Landscape Site Safety Plan) that was developed with the help and direction of our Safety Consultant, Adam Drummond.  Mr. Drummond has over 19 years of experience in the industry and is responsible for the oversight and evolution of our safety program as well as creating and enforcing company wide policies, certification programs and continuing education.

monthly safety meeting

Onsite Training

  • In 2010 – 12 Employees completed OSHA 30 Hour training and 4 employees completed OSHA 10 Hour training.

on site safety meeting

Weekly Tailgate Meetings

  • Weekly Tailgate Meetings are used to discuss various safety related topics.


ACE Operating System

In 2009, All State Landscape implemented a plan to help drive continuous improvement throughout our processes. In order to achieve our goals, we hired a dedicated continuous improvement manager to spearhead the effort. Since inception, we have developed procedures that allow us to standardize our processes. Using customer surveys we have conducted Market Feedback Analysis (MFA), allowing us to incorporate the voice of the customer into our process and achieve a high level of satisfaction. Not only do we track customer satisfaction, we post the results so all employees know how our customers feel about our output.

Title Minimum Training Requirement
Site Supervisors OSHA 30 Hour Training
Crew Leaders OSHA 10 Hour Training
Equipment Operators Quarterly (Seasonal) safety and operation training specific to equipment operator is authorized to use.
ALL Quarterly (Seasonal) review of All State Landscape site safety plan.
ALL Quarterly (Seasonal) review of All State Landscape personal protective equipment procedure; Document: SW-3
ALL Weekly tailgate meetings – various safety related subjects